Welcome to Amphibia – widely regarded as the UK’s leading water and air quality specialists. From our base in Kent we operate globally, providing expert consultancy and operational services that include legionella control, Legionella Risk Assessments, water system cleaning and disinfection, indoor air quality, marine freshwater hygiene and even ‘sick building’ investigations.

When you need fast, efficient and affordable results – Amphibia have a reputation that’s second to none, especially in the control of Legionella pneumophila – the bacteria that cause the potentially fatal Legionnaires Disease. With over twenty five years experience in Legionella control we employ proven techniques for cleaning and disinfection for water systems, enabling your business to comply with the current HSE and COSHH Regulations.

Our client base includes companies throughout the UK and Europe, across North and South America and into Asia and Australasia too, and we’re committed to a 24 hour response wherever you are in the world. From water supply to heating and cooling, our Legionella Risk Assessments together with our testing and control methods are unrivalled in the air and water quality sector.

Legionella can thrive in a wide variety of locations – from air conditioning units and water storage to swimming pools, spas and even domestic water systems. We employ the latest microbiological testing techniques and technology to identify possible sources of Legionella with an aim to eradicating the potential for outbreaks of Legionnaires Disease.

Contact Amphibia for Legionella Risk Assessments and we will completely map out your water system with CAD drawings to help us locate any specific problem areas. We use our own qualified and highly-trained risk assessors to ensure our rigorous standards are maintained at all times, ready to advise on pro-active and reactive solutions to combat air and water quality issues.

Protect yourself, your employees and guests with Amphibia’s range of services that includes detection and removal of harmful micro-organisms such as E.coli, coliforms and many other forms of bacteria and pollutants. Ask about our Legionella Risk Assessments today, call 0844 33 511 33 and one of our team will be happy to provide the information and advice you need.